A Spring, Texas man is claiming he shot his 53-year-old neighbor in self defense after she shoved him with a roll of tape in her hands. I wish I was kidding about the lame defense Hector Campos is putting up for killing his neighbor, but I’m sadly not.

The Spring man who reportedly admitted to shooting and killing his next-door neighbor is claiming self-defense.

That’s according to his attorney Jon Parchman.

According to Parchman, Hector Campos claims he was assaulted by Ana Weed in what he describes as a “two-handed shove.”

Campos is alleging the assault came after months of verbal harassment from Weed’s kids.

Parchman told KHOU 11 News Weed’s kids have threatened to “mess” his client up, have called him names, flipped him off and taunted him.

However, Weed’s family said there is no merit to those allegations. Loved ones paint of a picture of a “dangerous man” who has been putting neighbors in the area at risk for some time.

“This is a very nice family, and I just think it’s a huge loss for the family. We ask that everyone keep them in their prayers,” said family friend Paul Ilunga.

Sources close to the investigation said Campos is also claiming he felt threatened by a roll of tape that Weed was holding in her hand.

A family member said Weed scooped up her dog Buddy after Campos kicked the pet on Tuesday afternoon.

That’s when relatives allege Campos ran into his house, grabbed a gun and came back out to shoot Weed through the heart.

“He didn’t have no type of emotions. He just looked creepy to me. He didn’t show any kind of remorse or anything,” said neighbor Candice Shearman.

Campos is claiming that a shove from a 53-year-old woman who happened to have a roll of tape in her hands is justification for him to run inside, grab a gun, return, and then kill her after she picked up her small dog, and was holding the dog in her arms.

Amazingly, Campos is out on a paltry $50,000 bond after being charged with murder.

If the evidence is as the story suggests, this does not come close to being a case of justifiable self-defense, as a middle-aged woman pushing someone out of the way so she can get her wayward dog hardly constitutes the use of deadly force.

Campos attempted to leave the scene after killing Weed, but was held at gunpoint by another neighbor. Weed’s husband also came out of the home with a gun, but comforted his dying wife instead of seeking revenge on Campos.