A spree killing that apparently started as a domestic disturbance at a bank spread to a law firm and an apartment complex left four dead before the suspect was captured.

8:20 p.m.

Police in northern Wisconsin say an officer and three other people were killed in what apparently began as a domestic dispute in a bank.

Everest Metro Police Chief Wally Sparks said the slain officer was from his department. Sparks did not release the officer’s name. The names of the other three dead also were not released.

Sparks said a suspect was in custody.

The violence in the small town of Rothschild began shortly after noon on Wednesday, after police were summoned to what they called a “domestic situation” at Marathon Savings Bank.

They say they arrived to find two people with gunshot wounds and the suspect gone. Authorities say a second shooting happened soon after at a law firm and a third at an apartment complex.


7:10 p.m.

A witness to the shooting of a police officer in northern Wisconsin says he was hit moments after arriving at an apartment complex in pursuit of a suspect in a string of shootings.

Kelly Hanson says she looked out her apartment window in the small town of Weston about 1:15 p.m. to see a squad car approach, and a few seconds later heard a gunshot and saw the officer fall. She says other officers then drove in with an armored vehicle to retrieve him.

Authorities haven’t released information on the officer’s condition.

Hanson says she stayed in her apartment all afternoon until hearing a volley of about 10 shots. Police haven’t said what happened with the suspect, but Hanson says she was finally allowed to leave her apartment in early evening.

Police say the shootings began at a bank in nearby Rothschild around midday and included one at a law firm before the violence at the apartment complex.

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The first shooting occurred around 1:00 p.m., police say, when someone reported shots being fired at Marathon Savings Bank in Rothschild.

About 10 minutes later, police received a call for shots fired at Tlusty, Kennedy and Dirks law office in Schofield, which is less than two miles away from the bank.

A few minutes later, police were called to Aspen Street Apartments, about two miles from the law office. About a dozen gunshots were heard around 5:00 PM…