NYC biker mob video makes the best argument yet for citizens to always be armed

Mob violence.

Domestic terrorism.

Call it what you will, but the uncut footage of the biker gang that repeatedly surrounded and then attacked New York City Internet executive Alexian Lien and his family on the city’s highways and surface streets is an example of the sort of chilling violence that seems to be endemic to a growing violent subculture within our society.

This amoral mob mentality glorifies in spitting in the face of civility. They act as if Grand Theft Auto isn’t just an ultra-violent video game, but is instead a lifestyle to be emulated.

Days after the attack, we’re still unclear as to why the bikers originally singled out Lien’s family for attack.

Perhaps they took offense at his success, as displayed in the form of an expensive SUV. Perhaps they did not like his race, being of Asian descent. Perhaps they simply saw terror and weakness in his eyes as they swarmed through traffic, and decided to torment him, as a vicious child pulls the wings from a fly.

What we do know is that the mob’s lawlessness was rampant that day, and that it is far from unusual. There are at least dozens and perhaps hundreds of videos posted to Internet video sites that show these so-called “pop-up gangs” in action, plowing down city streets and sidewalks, putting everyone in their way at risk.

In fact, the NY Post is reporting that the New York Police Department is so aware of these pop-up gangs that they even have a strategy to deal with them.

Their strategy?

Pretend like they don’t exist:

They’re hell on wheels — and NYPD cops won’t touch them.

The department has ordered cops not to chase after large biker groups like the one that beat a driver near the West Side Highway because of the risk that innocent bystanders or the riders will be killed, law-enforcement sources told The Post.

“The people who are doing this aren’t stopping when police try to pull them over,” one source said, noting that the bikers can simply jump sidewalks and mow down pedestrians to flee cops.

The department also doesn’t have the manpower to police the rogue riders, who get together for pop-up outings and often use unregistered bikes.

They typically belong to motorcycle clubs that loosely organize rides up to several times a week in the summer in Manhattan.

They’re loud and can be reckless, but they are not usually involved in beating people up, one source noted.

Oh, so these gangs don’t usually pull people out of cars and beat them up?  And the NYPD will turn a blind eye until after the fact if they do?

In other words, the NYPD is admitting that though they boast a police force larger than some nations’s armies, they will allow social media-organized flash gangs to terrorize neighborhoods and generally run roughshod (or just run over) over law-abiding citizens, because stopping such behavior is too risky.

Are you listening closely?

If the NY Post’s sources are correct, the nation’s largest police force has an unannounced policy of standing aside if a gang is large enough, fast enough, and dangerous enough.

The NYPD will simply stand on the sidelines, and watch the world burn.

Perhaps men like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, billionaire NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and New York Times Publish Arthur Ochs Suzlberger, Jr., safely protected by a phalanx of publicly-provided security guards and armored vehicles, awarded concealed carry permits for having the right pedigree and degree of power ( the kind that “normal” New Yorkers without connections cannot hope to get), fancy themselves insulated enough from the real world that they simply don’t see these modern day barbarians at the gate as a threat to their rarefied strata of society.

These same men, who have spent massive amounts of political capital, millions of dollars, and barrels of ink to subvert your Second Amendment rights, simply don’t think that you and your family are worthy of the right of armed self defense that predates the founding of this Republic.

These anti-gun elitists did, after all, ram the NY SAFE Act down the throats of New Yorkers in an attempt to strip the ability of the Empire State’s citizens of the very firearms that would best protect them from this sort of large and violent mobs.

Why must New Yorkers demand “shall issue” or constitutional carry? Why must they insist on their rights to standard (not “high”) capacity magazines of 15 or more rounds? Why must the demand their right an AR_15 or AK-pattern rifle for protection?

You only need look once at this bloodthirsty mob, indistinguishable in action from those that have toppled great societies before, to know.

biker mob attack in new york

Alexian Lien, his wife, and their baby daughter were helpless before the power of a violent mob. They were disarmed by their government, and ignored by a police force that only recognizes a notional belief of the charge to “serve and protect.”

Just two of hundreds of bikers in this mob have been arrested for this chase and attack, and the family of one gangster that was run over as the family tried to escape is crying that he is the victim.


These are, as a great statesman once said, “the times that try men’s souls.”

New Yorkers can chose to comply with laws that leaves them at the mercy of violent mobs, or ignore laws passed by a mob of self-important elitists and become “criminals” themselves in defense of their families and civil society.

They are at this crossroads because of a failure of government, a coarsening of culture, and a growing failure of civility.

May God have mercy on us all, for this is future as well if allow this sort of insanity to spread.