NYPD officer smashed out the rear window of mobbed SUV. What if he'd been shot?

Biker mob assaulting NYC Internet executive Alexian Lienn as his wife helplessly looks on.

The story of the violent biker attack on New York City’ Alexian Lien just keep getting worse, as it has now come to light that not only were five members of the New York City Police Department’s part of the 50-block chase, but that at least one officer participated in the attack, smashing out the SUV’s rear window.


An undercover New York police detective at the scene of the beating of a driver by a pack of angry motorcyclists is seen on video attacking the SUV, police sources familiar with the investigation tell NBC News.

The sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the video shows the undercover officer banging on the rear window and shattering it. The victim is then seen being pulled out of the car and the undercover rides off, sources say.

As we all know, there is no practical “right to bear arms” in New York City unless you are connected (ironically) to the city’s anti-gun liberal elite, but the fact of the matter is that if Alexian Lien or his wife did have a firearm in their SUV, they would have been legally and morally justified in shooting each and every member of the motorcycle-riding mob physically attacking them in their vehicle, including the undercover officer, even in New York.


Do you think that is why Mayors Against Illegal Guns (bankrolled by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg), their spin-off Moms Demand Action, the Brady Coalition, and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence have been quiet as proverbial church mice regarding the mob attack that was one stomp, punch, or kick away from the murder of a man merely trying to protect his family?

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