EVERYONE OUT OF THE CLOWN CAR: Kessler hearing postponed after supporter drops gun

If Gilberton, PA Police Cheif Mark Kessler was any more stereotype of the foul-mouthed idiot gun-owner, I’d swear he was a Sasha Baron Cohen creation bankrolled by Mayor Michael Bloomberg.



His embarrassed borough is trying to rid themselves of him, but he won’t go quietly or with dignity.

Instead, Kessler is on his way out the door kicking and screaming, and was in the middle of a public hearing to argue to keep his job when one of his supporters dropped. his. freaking. gun.

The incident occurred when Nahas was cross-examining borough Mayor Mary Lou Hannon, who had been answering questions from Nahas after first being examined by attorney Joseph J. Joyce of the law firm of Elliott Greenleaf & Dean, which has been retained as special counsel for the borough on matters involving Kessler. Other witnesses in attendance were outside the building so they could not hear testimony.

Nahas was asking Hannon about purchasing procedures involving the state’s COSTARS program.

“The borough secretary — does she do…” Nahas was asking when the pistol hit the concrete floor with a loud, hollow sound.

Nahas turned and saw the pistol on the floor behind him. He immediately told the man that he had to leave.

“It fell out of the holster and it wasn’t chambered,” said the man, who quickly picked up the pistol.

After the gun owner left the building, Nahas resumed his questioning of Hannon, but special counsel attorney John G. Dean interrupted.

“Let’s take a break and go into executive session,” Dean suggested to Falcone, who agreed to the request.

The attorneys from both sides moved to the office area and held a short session, returning to the main room in about five minutes. The other witnesses were asked to return to the meeting room. Nahas stood with Dean and made a statement to the crowded room that was filled with print and broadcast news media, Kessler supporters and borough residents.

“This evening’s hearing, due to many reasons right now, and those reasons are primarily the safety of everybody in this room — the safety of the press, the safety of counsel, the safety of the mayor, the safety of my client, the stenographer and ourselves,” Nahas said. “We’re in a very small room made of concrete. If a gun were to be chambered and would land on concrete, like it just did, we could be injured. We’re concerned for your safety. Mistakes happen all the time with firearms, and to have one made in this room of concrete and steel I think could be fatal for many people.”

Nahas continued that a safer venue needs to be found.

“I am going to try to reserve a conference room at the Schuylkill County Courthouse,” Nahas said. “There will be a lot more room for everyone and it will be air conditioned. It will still be a public hearing and the courthouse will provide us with security. It will be more amenable for everyone.”

“I’m assuming there is no objection?” Falcone asked.

“There is no objection, Mr. Falcone, and I’m in complete agreement with Mr. Nahas,” Dean said.

“At this point, this hearing will be suspended pending the rescheduled date at the Schuylkill County Courthouse,” Falcone said.


This sort of stupidity is why anti-gunners still think they have a chance.

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