SAF/CCRKBA picks Sandy Hook Anniversary as "Guns Save Lives Day"

Gun control groups have used the massacre of 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary by a deranged killer who murdered to gain possession of his firearms as a bludgeon against the Second Amendment,  using the dead as political tools whether the families want them too or not.

The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) and are going at this abuse head-on:

A national Second Amendment group based in Bellevue has decided to sponsor “Guns Save Lives Day” on Dec. 14 — the anniversary of last year’s mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn.

The 650,000-member Second Amendment Foundation, which announced the event Thursday with the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and, has not yet decided what it will entail. But Alan Gottlieb, the president of the group, said the goal is to show “there’s a good side of guns.”

“People every single day use guns to save lives,” Gottlieb said. “We don’t think anybody should have been a victim at Sandy Hook, and we don’t think anybody should be a victim in the future.”

Gottlieb estimated that some 200 gun-rights groups from all 50 states would participate in the event.

“Quite frankly, we don’t want the gun prohibition lobby to own that day,” he said. “So we’re starting early.”

Critics blasted the event as disrespectful.

It would seem to me that if it is “disrespectful” to use the anniversary of a mass killing to advance a political viewpoint, then that would apply to any and all attempts to capitalize on those deaths.

You don’t see them arguing to remove all politics, do you? No, you don’t.

You can rest assured that Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Moms Demand Action, the Brady Campaign, and other gun control groups that have raised money off the deaths at Sandy Hook are happy to dig up the dead to prop them up for fundraising and to advance their political agendas. Is SAF/CCRKBA any more “wrong” than the gun control ghouls and politicians that will certainly try to turn this tragedy towards their advantage?