Will he, or won't he? CA governor Jerry Brown has less than 72 hours to veto or pass the most restrictive gun laws in American history

It’s a story that the mainstream media has largely decided to ignore.

California Governor Jerry Brown has a raft of the most restrictive anti-gun legislation ever written sitting on his desk in Sacramento at this hour, awaiting either his signature or his veto.


Among the most controversial bills are Assembly Bill 711 and Senate Bill 374.

AB 711 would ban the use of lead bullets in hunting in California. As federal law bans the majority of other metals as being “armor-piercing,” it would amount to a complete ban on hunting in California, which critics of the law think was the hidden intent of the law all along.

SB 374 would ban the majority of self-loading rifles that use detachable magazines, including some of the most common hunting and target rifles in existence. The state law seems to fly in the face of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Heller decision.

The passage of similar laws in New York and Colorado destroyed the favorability ratings of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo and and CO Governor John Hickenlooper, and created near open revolts from sheriffs who refuse to enforce those laws.

Governor Brown has until October 13 to sign or veto the legislation, or let these bills become law without his signature.

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