Number of concealed carriers DOUBLES in Montana

Though it seems that the mainstream media is refusing to cover the obvious trend, the number of concealed carriers across the nation is growing dramatically. We mentioned last week that concealed carry in Oregon shot up 22-percent after Nick Meli pulled his Glock 22 to help end the Clackamas Mall shooting, but that is a relatively modest increase compared to the rest of the nation.

The number of concealed carriers doubled in Kansas in July, may be on pace to do the same in Ohio, and as we’re finding out today, have doubled in Montana as well.

As Illinois’s concealed carry permitting comes online, they’re expecting 400,000 applicants.

Clearly, there is a trend towards more and more people carrying concealed weapons; I hope that those who do take the time to seek out additional training beyond the bare minimum legal requirements, as there isn’t a government-mandated concealed carry class in the nation that offers much beyond bare minimum legal education (and no, the minimal shooting competency requirements for most states don’t come close to being adequate).

Please do your research and find a good shooting school in your area and get training from professional trainers. It makes a difference in both your confidence and your competence.

And stop touching it!