Dallas woman designs very expensive way to get a gun stolen

It’s been said that necessity is the mother of invention. It’s with that in mind that Kate Woolstenhulme created a line of designer handbags that allow women to carry their concealed weapons in style.

“I did some market research and I realized, as many women as there are carrying firearms, there are a lot of women with the same issue that I have,” said Woolstenhulme. “I was looking for something that would properly conceal my handgun, make it accessible and also fulfill my fashion requirement.”


Kate Woolstenhulme sees a market and so she’s opened a business to make and sell high-end concealed carry purses.

I think what she’s selling is a horrible idea, but not because of her designs.  It comes down to a very simple truth. If you put a firearm in a bag instead of in a holster on your body, you’re giving up direct control of that weapon. We know from the FLETC study revealed early this week that women have just 63% of hand-strength of men, so when a purse snatcher comes along, he’s likely to win that battle. There is also the tendency of women (my wife and daughters included) to set their purses down once they reach their destinations, which has already led to one tragic incident this year.

Women have a lot of options for on-body concealed carry. They should use them, and use their purses to carry less-lethal essentials.

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