Police State New York: Man faces 6 months in prison for 3 bullets

I managed to get out of New York in 2005, long before the insanity of the blatantly unconstitutional (on both state and federal levels) NY SAFE Act became law. Right about now, Paul Wojdan is probably wishing he’d plotted his own escape from New York, as he faces the possibility of six months in prison for having three more rounds in his pistol’s magazine than is allowed by New York’s absurd new law.


Worse, it was revealed in what appears to be an illegal search by cops that can’t make any more sense out of the Bloomberg-written law than the citizenry can.

I cannot for the life of me understand why someone would voluntarily live in a state so eager to throw citizens into prison for arbitrary and capricious laws.

Will the last sane person leaving the Empire of Spite State please turn out the light.


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