We're in the best of hands: teens caught with 3,500 rounds of TSA ammunition

TSA officials say they are investigating to see whether procedures were not followed, after three teenagers were found in a vehicle within 70 boxes of ammunition intended for law-enforcement use.

Authorities said the teens — ages 18, 16 and 15 — were suspected of involvement in a break-in early Sunday at a trailer owned by the federal air marshal program, which is part of the Transportation Security Administration. Police said the trailer was in the 7400 block of New Ridge Road in the Hanover area of Anne Arundel County, about one mile from the terminal at Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport.

Officials said ammunition is typically stored in a more secure facility.

The article does not say whether this was a targeted theft going after the ammunition, or if this was instead just a crime of opportunity and the suspects did not know what the trailer contained.

If this was a targeted theft and the thieves knew that the ammo was there, then TSA has significant operational security concerns that should terrify everyone.