California is next to target lawmakers with recalls over gun control legislation

An outfit called Free California is setting out to see if they can have some of the success that pro-gun forces have in Colorado, and they’ve targeted an number of anti-gun California Democrats for recall:

Emboldened by the recall of two Colorado lawmakers last month, California gun-rights activists within a few weeks will be collecting petition signatures to kick several state lawmakers out of office, the activists announced Thursday.

Free California, a nonprofit founded by a Republican strategist who was involved in the Colorado recalls and who is now the spokeswoman for Assemblyman Tim Donnelly’s campaign for governor, held a news conference with Donnelly and others Thursday on the steps of the state Capitol. Named as potential targets were state Sens. Norma Torres, D-Chino, and Ben Hueso, D-Chula Vista; Assemblywomen Lorena Gonzalez, D-San Diego, and Sharon Quirk-Silva, D-Fullerton; and Assembly Speaker John Perez, D-Los Angeles.

Free California founder Jennifer Kerns later Thursday said the list may change but should be finalized in about two weeks. Then “we’ll get to work immediately on collecting signatures” from holiday-season shoppers, she said.

It will be interesting to see if the recall effort gets traction.