Should violent felons be allowed to surrender during a gun battle they initiated?

A parolee gang-banger in California Shot a DEA agent, went on to shoot three more responding officers while firing hundreds of rounds, and hours later, the feds allowed him to surrender.


Matt, a deputy sheriff who writes at the Military Arms Channel blog The Bang Switch, thinks that we’ve gotten soft and weak as a culture in allowing violent thugs like this to give up after a prolonged gun battle.

This piece of crap, illegally armed convicted felon, criminal gang member (norteno), parolee at large, multiple time loser, gets in a prolonged gunfight with the cops, shoots four of them, uproots an entire neighborhood, throws hundreds of rounds down range without any concern for anyone other then himself, and we are forced to just let him give up when he decides he doesn’t want to play anymore.  The precedent for this behavior was set long ago, long before my career started.  Is it any wonder criminals have no respect and no fear of the cops anymore?  They continue to become more and more brazen because they know they can just call uncle whenever they feel like it.

Quite obviously, he thought the cops should have gone in and blown this guy away, the same way this had previously been trying to kill them.

What do you think?


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