Violence Policy Center Director Josh Sugarman believes blacks shouldn't have guns

Violence Policy Center director Josh Sugarman would like to see African-Americans disarmed, but this time it’s different, you see. It isn’t because the pasty white elitist gun-grabber is racist!

This time, it’s in the name of ” stopping domestic violence.”

That’s why women tempted to buy a gun for their self-protection should know that guns aren’t the answer to domestic violence. In fact, several studies have found that having a gun in the home actually increases a woman’s chance of being murdered. For African Americans as well as other women, guns are used not to save lives but to take them.

We should not sit back and accept a society where black women face a higher chance of getting killed. Women should be aware of resources that are available to help them escape domestic violence situations. And we simply cannot wait any longer before we pass effective laws to stop our national epidemic of gun violence.

Black men should not have guns because black men kill black men, and black women should not have guns because black men kill black women.

Yes, your opinions are clear enough for us.