NY SAFE ACT ammo purchase background check indefinitely delayed to avoid pulling an "Obamacare."

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo rammed through the NY SAFE ACT to appear “tough” and “proactive” after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, in hopes of bolstering his 2016 Presidential aspirations.

Instead, what he got with the Bloomberg-authored prohibitionist wishlist was a disaster of unworkable provisions, such as restrictions to use magazines that didn’t exist, a failure to expect law enforcement officers, and the imposition of an ammunition background check system that won’t be ready in time:

The state is holstering a key provision of Gov. Cuomo’s gun control law requiring first-ever background checks on ammunition purchases.

Under the gun law passed earlier this year, the state could have begun requiring background checks as of this coming Jan. 15. It also could have ordered sellers of ammunition to begin keeping key information on buyers, including their names, the amount of bullets purchased, their addresses, and occupations.

But the State Police Sunday they are delaying implementation, a move first reported by the Buffalo News, until it can develop the needed database system allowing it to move forward.

Officials said the national instant background check system used for firearm purchases can not be used for ammunition sales.

“The State Police is working on technology solutions to be able to carry out this section of the SAFE Act so that the public, buyers and sellers are not inconvenienced or delayed in any way when they purchase ammunition,” said agency spokeswoman Darcy Wells.

We need to give the New York State Police credit where credit is due. Unlike the federal Department of Helath and Human Services (DHHS), they didn’t try to push out crap software that wasn’t up to the task of enforcing bad policy.

Here’s to hoping that NY SAFE is deemed unconstitutional or repealed well before the State Police have to implement this draconian system.