The Top 5 Most Iconic Horror Movie Guns

What would Halloween be on Bearing Arms without a tribute to the top five horror movie firearms of all time?


It was tough deciding which guns should make the list, and sometimes it was tough even deciding  which movies to consider. While Jesse “I ain’t got time to bleed” Ventura’s M134 minigun from Predator was unforgettable, Predator was more of an action flick than a horror movie. Right?


We also imposed a rule that the gun has to play a key role in the film, and wasn’t just dropped in just be an afterthought.

Without further ado, here are our top 5 iconic horror movie guns for Halloween 2013.

Dr. Loomis’s revolver that “kills” Michael Myers in 1978’s Halloween


While the Smith & Wesson Model 15 Combat Masterpiece isn’t the star of the show in Halloween, it was vital to the climax of the movie, dropping Michael Myers with a shot to the head and five to the chest to save heroine Laurie Strode, played by a young Jamie Lee Curtis in her movie debut.

The Winchester Yellowboy in Shaun of the Dead


2004’s Shaun of the Dead is a modern horror-comedy classic, as pathetic electronics store employee Shaun and friends end up trapped in an English zombie apocalypse. Retreating to make a last stand in his favorite pub, The Winchester, Shaun discovers that the namesake Winchester 1866 “Yellowboy” hanging on the wall behind the bar is both operational, and loaded.

The United States Colonial Marine Corps M41A Pulse Rifle from Aliens


The only fictional weapon on the list, the M41A pulse rifle is in nearly every scene of one of the best horror movie sequels of all time, splattering acidic alien blood from one side of the screen to the other on it’s way to becoming one of the most fan-duplicated movie firearms of all time.

Ash’s “Boomstick” from Army of Darkness



“This is my boomstick!” bellows Bruce Campbell, creating one of the most iconic one-liners in movie history as the character Ash in the third movie in the Evil Dead franchise. While he uses several difference firearms throughout the series of films, his iconic catch phrase has cemented his 12-gauge Stoeger Coach Gun’s place in movie history.

Brody’s rifle from the climax of Jaws


It was safe to go back in the water—at least until the next movie—after Amity Police Cheif picked up an M1 Garand on Quinn’s sinking boat and put a .30-caliber bullet through a pressurized scuba tank in the charging great white’s mouth, blowing it and the shark to bits. It was  along swim back to shore, but without the World War II workhorse, Roy Scheider would have been nothing but chum.

So, how did we do? Are there any iconic horror movie firearms that we should have put on the list, bumping out these favorites? Let us know in the comments, and maybe we’ll include them next Halloween.

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