Solitary parent, reporters have hissy fit over M2 .50 BMG and M4 assault rifles in school

It irritates the snot out of me when anti-gun, anti-military leftists in the media use a single like-minded moron as an excuse to thrust their beliefs upon everyone else.


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Similar to a story last week about a two-woman boycott of a supermarket over concealed carry, Charlotte’s NBC outlet is pushing their anti-gun, anti-military agenda using the excuse of one middle school parent who was angry that a Rock Hill, SC Middle School Veterans Day appearance by active duty soldiers featured several unloaded military weapons.

middle school guns

The principal of Saluda Trail Middle School in Rock Hill is defending the decision to let students hold military weapons during a Veterans Day program at the school last week.

A parent complained after pictures of two students holding weapons were posted on the eighth grade school blog.

In each picture a member of the military is next to the student.

The parent thought, that in light of recent school shootings, it was inappropriate.

Principal Brenda Campbell disagreed.

“Those guns are completely no ammo. They had been checked out by the military themselves, who brought them into our school,” Campbell said.

She said it was all part of a larger Veterans Day program, where students could learn military history and meet and talk with real members of the military and with elderly veterans.

“It is kind of hard to teach students about veterans, and the military, and the history of patriotism without there being some weapons involved,” said Campbell.


I’m proud of Principal Campbell for sticking up for real “common gun sense.” Firearms are an integral part of military service, and the professionally-supervised handling of these fire-arms (which the on-air idiot called “military-style” out of duplicitous habit) is nothing to get upset about.

This time next year, watch the same bed-wetting parents and reporters lose their minds again when they discover that their precious little snowflake’s high school has a military JROTC program.

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