EXCLUSIVE: Inside look at Armed Citizens United

“True Advocates of the Second Amendment.”

New gun rights group Armed Citizens United certainly has one of the ballsiest taglines you’re ever likely to read, and existing guns rights organizations have to regard it as something of a challenge.


Their introductory video pulls no punches.

That’s mighty tough talk for a new group… but what policy positions does Armed Citizens United advocate to back up such a bold statement?

If you’re looking to find detailed answers on Armed Citizens United web site, you’re going to come up short for the time being, as they haven’t yet published their specific position statements yet.

That said,  Bearing Arms was able to get a draft copy of ACU’s “Where We Stand” page, and they aren’t playing around.

Here is where Armed Citizens United stands on the issues.

Felons:  Non-violent felons should have their rights fully restored once their debt to society is paid. The bar for what constitutes a felony is constantly being lowered and as such a large number of Americans lose their rights each year over petty infractions.

Guns on campus:  Students should be able to legally carry firearms anywhere, including class.

Gun Free Zones:  All gun free zones should be abolished.  As we’ve seen time and time again these places become killing fields for the insane where innocent lives are lost because citizens weren’t to be trusted with their rights in areas with imaginary lines.

Concealed Carry:  ACU supports Constitutional carry and is opposed to state licensing & taxing of our rights.

Background Checks: The federal government rarely, if ever, prosecutes felons for attempting to purchase firearms from gun stores who were stopped through the NICS system. Once they’re rejected, they either have a person with a clean record make a straw purchase or they obtain a firearm from the street. The background check system only serves to impede law abiding citizens from exercising their rights and wastes millions of tax payer dollars.

Reciprocity: The federal government should force all states to honor the concealed weapons permits of other states. For states such as Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Vermont, Wyoming, and Oklahoma who are Constitutional carry states, their citizens should be allowed to carry in all 50 states as well.

NFA: The National Firearms Act is unconstitutional as it places a tax on the rights of American citizens. Much like the poll taxes of the past, the NFA makes it so only the rich and privileged may fully exercise their Constitutional rights and thus should be repealed.

Hughes Amendment: This amendment to the Firearm Owners Protection Act is unconstitutional as it bans an entire class of firearms and thus should be repealed immediately.


While the list isn’t complete or polished yet, it gives every indication that Armed Citizens United is out to play hardball, and will accept no compromises of any kind on Second Amendment rights.

It’s going to be interesting to watch this group develop.

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