Armed Citizen Project heads to Indy

An Indiana native wants to arm law-abiding citizens in high crime areas throughout Indianapolis with free shotguns in an effort to help people protect their homes and families.

Kyle Coplen was born and raised in Rochester, Indiana. He studied at Ball State University and then moved to Houston, Texas, to continue his eduction. Earlier this year, he created the Armed Citizen Project (ACP), as part of a thesis project that will provide research for his theory that firearms can deter crime.

“Guns are used to stop over four million crimes a year. Ninety percent of the time that a gun is used to stop a crime, it doesn’t even need to be fired,” he tells Fox 59. “The study that’s gonna come out of this, doing this all across the country and multiple cities, we can prove hopefully what our hypothesis is and that’s that criminals have no intention of dying in your hallway.”


Predictably, the local clergyman and police chief interviewed aren’t wild about the idea, but even the minister admits that people in his congregation would feel safer if they were armed.

The reporting itself was well balanced, perhaps due in part to the fact that the reporter, Aishah Hasnie, enjoys trap and target shooting.

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