Columnists compare NRA leaders to Syrian dictator, mafia-controlled union bosses


Is it that the gun manufacturers with their NRA leaders, like Bashar al-Assad, have the power and money to dictate the course of events? Where are the 90 percent of Americans, like the rebel forces in Syria, going to get the aid and support to cause a change that will bring down shooting deaths, even letting all those sane and responsible gun owners keep their weapons? (Most of the NRA membership are part of the 90 percent of Americans that support withholding weapons from the mentally disturbed).

Is it time that the NRA members speak up against their gun manufacturers’ paid puppet NRA leaders? All Americans should wholeheartedly support such a revolt or else the rank and file of responsible NRA members will be tainted by the actions of their leaders.

Shouldn’t the members ask what salaries or other benefits their leaders get from the gun manufacturers? It would seem that there is an analogy of what s going on with the NRA as to what happened to unions where the leaders were paid off by organized crime to do what the mob wanted.


Presumably, since NRA executives are Syrian leaders, these editorialists view NRA members and even more conservative gun rights organizations with the same contempt as Syrian soldiers that used gas on civilians? After all, of you don’t agree with them, you aren’t “sane and responsible,” by their definition.

As more and more people pick up firearms for the first time, and the market sees unprecedented interest from young, urban, and female shooters, it appears that hyper-emotional talking points and over-the-top rhetoric is all that gun control cultists have left as as a gun-friendly nations is leaving them behind.

I feel compelled to note that the National Rifle Association (NRA) is the largest and oldest civil rights group in the United States, and is made up of millions of dues-paying individual members. The lobby for gun manufacturers is the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF).

But hey, if you’re a gun control cultist, who needs facts?

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