Is the latest Zimmerman arrest the result of a lie?

Has the media jumped the Zimmerman shark yet again?

I’ll believe it if and when they drop charges:

…the TMZ website reports sources close to Zimmerman as saying Scheibe told him she was six weeks pregnant after he made it clear he was leaving her and leaving Florida.

Zimmerman reportedly offered to make a child custody and support deal, but what Scheibe really wanted was for them to stay together.

When she saw Zimmerman packing his bags, the sources claim she decided to make up the story of him pointing the gun at her as revenge.

I… I simply don’t know that I care anymore, beyond the small bit of pleasure I get from seeing the mainstream media sputter with anger every time Zimmerman walks free after they labeled him THE WORST HUMAN EVER for daring to shoot a drug-abusing, street-fighting, gun-dealing thug who tried to beat him to death.

Is is wrong to find amusement in the media’s spittle-flecked outrage?