Will Joe "Two Blasts" Biden apologize to the Washington man arrested for following his advice?

Joe Biden approved!

Jeffery Barton thinks that Joe Biden owes him an apology for following the Vice President’s advice to fire shotgun blasts into the air to ward off intruders. Barton now has a March, 2014 court date for a misdemeanor charge of illegally discharging a firearm.


Jeffrey Barton of Vancouver, Wash., was arrested July 15 after shooting his shotgun in the air outside his home to ward off suspected car thieves. He’s awaiting trial and says Vice President Joe Biden owes him an apology.

In a Feb. 19 interview with Parents magazine Biden – chairman of President Barack Obama’s task force on new gun laws – said he advised his wife, “if there’s ever a problem, just walk out on the balcony here, walk out and put that double-barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house.”

After Biden’s advice went viral, Delaware lawyers warned following it could result in felony and misdemeanor charges. A Wilmington, Del., police sergeant said the advice was unlawful and a state gun rights activist suggested it might result in negligent homicides.

But Barton says he wasn’t aware the tip was troublesome.

“He should really know the law before he starts giving America advice on national television,” Barton told The Columbian on Tuesday, during a trip to court.

Biden has never apologized in general for his bad advice nor has he attempt to issue a correction, which is sadly typical of this unaccountable administration.

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