Recalled Colorado Senate Leader Morse blames Magpul for Sandy Hook

Magpul is an industry leader in manufacturing gun accessories, including magazines, stocks, grips, handguards, and sights. Their products are ubiquitous throughout the shooting sports industry, because of their quality, durability, and reliability, at a very reasonable price point. It is a safe bet that more military, law enforcement, competition shooters, hunters and plinkers use Magpul’s PMAGs than any other polymer magazine.

The fact that Nancy Lanza saw the same value in these products used by millions of other Americans is not surprising in the least. Americans prefer tried and true brand names, whether those are Sunkist oranges, Jell-O puddings, Kleenex tissues, Tupperware plastic containers, or Magpul firearms accessories.

But John Morse, freshly unemployed due to his refusal to listen to his constituents, is bitter.

John Morse is angry.

In particular, John Morse is furious that Magpul stood up for their rights to manufacture a legal product, and refused to bow down and listen to the nonsensical ravings of a megalomaniac senate president. They mocked him with the “Boulder Airlift,” and he never forgave them.

It is now quite obvious that John Morse has wanted revenge against Magpul for a long time… and this pathetic, sputtering tweet is all he can muster.

How impotent.