California law enforcement tells state senators that their colored toy guns bill is stupid

We stated last week that proposal by a pair of California state senators to require toy guns to be brightly painted wouldn’t solve the problem, as an endless palette of paints and patterns engineered specifically for real firearms has been on the market for years, and is only growing more popular.


Law enforcement are joining the fight against the law, saying it will not do anything to help officers:

Lawmakers say painting toy guns will fix the confusion, but the kern county sheriff says nothing will change as officers are still put in a threatening position.

“Law enforcement officers confronted with a split second decision with the new law might put them in a position, of it looks like a replica gun, but its not and so it really doesn’t solve the issue,” said Sheriff Donny Youngblood.

The sheriff says the proposed plan might even make things more difficult for deputies on patrol who may come across a replica.

Michael Bloomberg passed a law a number of years ago mandating that real guns couldn’t be colored in bright colors (the opposite approach with the same goal), and the manufacturers responded by creating a paint color in his (dis)honor and kept shipping paint kits to New York City anyway.

Not a single life was saved by Bloomberg’s edict, and nothing will change in California if the legislature adopts this senseless law, either.

[The Hello Kitty-themed Kel-Tec PLR-16 comes to us via Kitty Hell)

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