Tactical Fire Control's 3MR trigger goes on sale

We covered the announcement of Tactical Fire Control’s new trigger with a healthy bit of skepticism. They now have what they claim is their trigger’s ATF approval letter posted to their web site, so it looks like that all-important hurdle has been overcome.


Their trigger is now available for pre-order for $495.


I’m a marksmanship sort of guy. While I’ve had a little trigger time with crew-served machine guns, LMGs, selective-fire assault rifles, and submachine guns, they just don’t do a lot for me (well, that isn’t entirely true; the Smith & Wesson M76 gives me giggle fits). I might cough up $200 for that extra spend-all-my-money-now setting, but I wouldn’t go five bills.

Am I completely undervaluing their appeal, or has Tac-Con over-charged for faux auto?

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