What gun safety rules?

We posted the Glock 26 Jam-O-Matic video from VigilentSpectre yesterday, and heard a lot of complaints that the firearm wasn’t tested fairly. Complaints included comments that Blazer Brass ammo is “crap” (side note: I’ve never had a problem with brass or aluminum-cased Blazer ammo, personally, but I doubt I’ve fired more than 500 rounds of it), or the shooter’s thumb riding the slide impeding proper function, or that shooters were limp-wristing the pistol to induce the failure, or the gun wasn’t properly lubricated, etc.

Those are all criticisms of the video to be expected, but what I was a bit surprised at the relative lack of comments about their gun handling practices, specifically muzzle control.

out of battery mag in

At around the 7-minute mark in the video when they notice that the pistol is out of battery, the shooter rather cavalierly points the pistol up as the cameraman and second shooter cluster around the firearm, which still has a round in the chamber and a magazine in the gun. Would I put my face anywhere near where it could get muzzled by even an out of battery firearm? Not on your life.

The shooter then removed the magazine and makes the attempt to clear the out of battery weapon, and points the firearm at the ground.

battery foot

They are wrestling with a short-grip pistol and attempting to cycle a jammed round out of an out-of-battery firearm while pointing waaaaaaay too close to this guy’s foot for my taste.

At the 7:27 mark the shooter turns his back to the camera in what appears to be an attempt to push the slide open with his left hand. While the gun is out of frame, there is the strong likelihood that came close to muzzling himself in the process, a process that the second shooter appears to repeat at the 7:41 mark. Eventually they stop filming to clear the jam.


Towards the end of the video, they decide to do a side-by side comparison of several pistols.

I’m also not a big fan of sticking my arm in front of the muzzle of not one, but two pistols with their actions closed in order to talk about them. I’m sure that the chambers were cleared… as they always are before shooting accidents.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it also appears that the XDs .45’s magazine is in place as they look down the muzzles of the two pistols.


Frankly, I’m more concerned about their gun handling practices than I am their anti-Glock bias, but I’m a bit of a safety weenie.

Jun 20, 2021 11:30 AM ET