Hacktastic Mother Jones asserts child gun violence is rising, even as it declines

The citizen control cult asserts that firearm-related deaths for children are trending upward. A Mother Jones article published just today by senior editor Mark Follman attempts to capitalize on this dishonest assertion.


What Follman refuses to do—for reasons that will be made immediately obvious—is actually look at long term trends that blows this deceptive hypothesis  away.

We need look no further than the the Center for Disease Control’s Firearms Deaths and Death Rates, 1999-2010 to show that not only are gun violence rates for children not trending upward, or even remaining constant, but they are constantly trending downward.

First, lets look at the table for firearm death rates among children from 1-14. The data conclusively shows that that the overall rate is trending downward.

cdc child gun deaths

Now, let’s take a look at the child homicide rate. It is also trending downward.

cdc child homicides

Next is the child suicide rate.

cdc child suicides

Last but not least, let’s look at the unintentional death rate.

cdc unintentional

As firearms ownership has increased, so has firearms education, and the death rate for children has declined. While the tables above are for ages 1-14, this tells only part of the story; the decline for children ages 15-19 is even more pronounced.


Mother Jones, USA Today, New York Times, and other politically-compromised “news” organizations won’t talk about gun violence rates because empirical, unbiased hard data shows time and again that gun violence has been on a long and steady decline.

To sell Americans on the idea of citizen control and disarmament, they have to deceive you and attempt to play to your emotions.

What does that tell you about the ethics of those involved?

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