Dim-witted citizen control cultists speak out against concealed carry ordinance in NC town...a year too late


Citizen control activists in North Carolina are some of the dumbest authoritarians in the country… and I’m being kind.

Earlier this year, they freaked out over a blackpowder rifle being raffled to raise money for an elementary school. The end result of their tantrum was that the school ended up with 20 times more money than they expected to raise.


Several boycotted their favorite grocery store over chain-wide concealed carry policies… and presumably have since starved to death, since those policies are the same for the majority of grocery chains state-wide.

They’ve even gotten so desperate to impose their agenda on others that they’ve posted signs against concealed carry on businesses that they don’t own, only to be banned for their deceitful activity.

But now they’ve really outdone themselves, showing up to protest against a concealed carry ordinance a year after it was enacted.

A handful of citizens appeared before Kannapolis City Council on Monday to speak out against an ordinance regarding concealed weapons — not realizing the ordinance had already been passed a year before.

Council members were simply making a minor amendment to the ordinance to conform to new state law. In fact, the omission of the word “playground” now allows citizens to carry concealed weapons in those locations.

What flavor is the paste in their world?

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