The Citizen Control Crying Game

The facts are conclusive.

Gun ownership is up tremendously. Young, urban, and female shooters are the fastest growing segments, ensuring that the next generation of gun rights advocates is not only expanding in numbers, but in spreading in geography and influence. Shooting is now an increasingly popular recreational and social pastime among family and friends.


The most popular firearms? Semi-automatic pistols, particularly those models of pistols most useful for concealed carry, are the fastest growing handgun segment. Modern sporting rifles—which are now available in more calibers, configurations, and price points than ever before—are the most popular rifles in the market. The AR-15 is the most common and popular centerfire rifle sold in the United States, year after year.

As gun ownership grows and spreads, violence crimes are down across the board. Rape, murder, armed robbery, assault and other violent crimes are on a decades-long decline. Gun accidents are down as well. Despite the endless dramatizations from the citizen control groups, you’re twice as likely to be killed by Bambi than a mass shooter.

And so perhaps it is very, very telling that on the eve of the Sandy Hook tragedy, the desperate citizen control cultists of the Washington Post are reduced to casting about for sob stories instead of making a scientific, mathematical, economic, or otherwise rational argument for citizen disarmament.


They’re desperately shopping for anecdotal stories of tragedy, because both public opinion and hard data are against them.

Americans don’t want more citizen control.

My advice? Share a story with the Washington Post.

Tell them of good times you’ve had at the range or hunting with family and friends. Tell them of the importance of arms to the very existence of a free people. Give them your personal stories of when the mere presence of a gun was enough to thwart crime, as it occurs hundreds of thousands to millions of times a year.

They want to cry crocodile tears to promote citizen disarmament.

Give them something to really cry about.

Their defeat.

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