Sheriffs spark rebellion against unconstitutional gun laws... but how will it end?

The refusal of sheriffs across the nation to enforce plainly unconstitutional gun laws—even in the bluest of the blue states—should serve as a warning to lawmakers, but it seems that those who make the laws aren’t quite intelligent enough to grasp the significant of their predicament.


Lawmakers are wind. They puff, and they blow, and they make noise. They can rant and rave, and they can make speeches and they can pass laws… but in the end they are just people of words who greatly overvalue their own significance. They have no weight to them.

Lawmakers rely entirely on the threat of law enforcement—men with guns—to enforce the laws they pass. When the heads of law enforcement agencies openly declare that they will not enforce the laws passed by lawmakers, you are looking at the very definition of a rebellion. We live in such a circumstance now in many parts of the nation, with California, Colorado, and New York just being the most prominent examples.

How widespread and how deep this rebellion develops… that is the real question. Are the law enforcement rebellions in these states going to remain almost exclusively within the ranks of rural sheriff’s departments, or will more suburban and urban police professionals join in non-compliance? Will citizens reject their lawmakers, and instead rally around these law enforcement officers and change the dynamics of power within states?


Will the rebellions simply be non-compliance, or will something else more aggressive emerge, such as the open flaunting of these unconstitutional laws?

Lawmakers may be in for a very nasty shock once the citizenry realizes that they do not have to follow laws just because petty tyrants decided to abuse the power the people lent to them. When citizens begin to see that they can and should ignore one unconstitutional law, then their blinders come off. They may soon come around to the opinion that there are many unconstitutional laws to be ignored.

The truest statement ever made about rebellions is that they are unpredictable.

By continuing to abuse their power, lawmakers may suddenly find themselves without any power at all.

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