Gun control advocate's mass murder attempt was thwarted only by "a good guy with a gun."

One student, 17-year-old Claire Davis, is currently in critical condition as a result of the Arapahoe HS shooting last week, in which outspoken left-wing  gun control advocate(!) Karl Pierson plotted to attack five different parts of the school. He was armed with a pump action shotgun he purchased a week before (after having passed a background check), 125 rounds of 12-gauge ammunition, three Molotov cocktails (fitting for a young communist, eh, comrade?), and a machete.


Unfortunately for Pierson, while Arapahoe High School was also a “gun free zone” like Sandy Hook, there was an armed deputy sheriff who was acting as the school resource officer at the other end of a long hallway. When Pierson began his attack, the deputy ran down the hall, drew his weapon, and announced his presence. Before the deputy could engage Pierson, the cowardly young left wing radical put the barrel of his shotgun in his mouth and pulled the trigger.

Pierson’s attack lasted just 1 minute and 20 seconds. He never even had a chance to reload.

Like Matthew Murray’s attack on New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Peirson’s dream of a high-profile, high body count attack was abruptly ended shortly after it began when he encountered determined armed opposition.

The anti-gun citizen control lobby will never admit it, but it is typically “their people” who commit these atrocities, and “our people”—good guys with guns—that end them.

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