Ignoring the treason troll

U.S. Army LTC Robert Bateman is continuing his calculated anti-gun whining at Esquire. The “article” is nothing more than a blatant exercise in link-baiting.

Frankly, you aren’t missing anything.

Bateman does nothing more but respond to cherry-picked lines from emails that he’s received in response to his original article, with a frat boy’s “come at me, bro,” bravado. He knows that it’s safe to talk smack when you have an entire ocean between you and your critics.

I’m reading between the lines, but I think this is all a very calculated career move. It appears that Bateman’s greatest fear is that he’ll be passed over for promotion again. He failed to make the colonel’s list in August on merit, and his article and now this response appear to be a desperate attempt to make it by blatant political pandering instead.

Bateman sees far more qualified and competent officers being pushed out of Obama’s military for having conservative political views, and so he’s apparently hoping that by publicly planting his lips on the President’s backside, he’ll be promoted and allowed to keep his cushy desk job in England.  If he fails in this endeavor, he’s hoping that his leftist positioning will given him a fallback career as a university lecturer. For Bateman, a man far more concerned about his cushy academic lifestyle on the taxpayer’s dime than the fate of the Republic, treason for tenure is apparently an acceptable trade-off.

We won’t support him or Esquire with a link.