Anti-gun media and Democrats trumpet "success" of NY Safe Act

The NY Safe Act was rushed into law by craven anti-gun downstate Democrats using an “emergency measures” trick so that the public would not have time to read the law and organize protests against it.

Once implemented it was selectively enforced, with law enforcement agencies statewide ignoring parts of the law (including those limiting magazine capacities) that they felt shouldn’t apply to them.

The law blatantly infringes upon the Second Amendment Rights of New Yorkers to own arms and accouterments of contemporary and widespread use, and is being used to turn citizens in criminals overnight.

Nearly a year after passage of the state’s new gun law, dealer sales of popular AR-15 semi-automatic rifles have ended in New York and arrest data show more than 1,000 gun possession charges in New York City were boosted from misdemeanors to felonies because of the changes.

Meanwhile, 59 people have been charged statewide with misdemeanors for possessing large-capacity magazines or having more than seven bullets loaded in a magazine, both outlawed by the law passed last January in the aftermath of the school massacre in Newtown, Conn.

A report from the Division of Criminal Justice Services shows only one person charged with the illegal sale or transfer of a gun defined as an assault weapon as of mid-December. The new law tightened that definition to include AR-15s. Owners may keep their older weapons but must register them by April 15.

“The numbers are indisputable. The SAFE Act has enabled the state to better protect New Yorkers,” said Melissa DeRosa, spokeswoman for Gov. Andrew Cuomo. He pushed the legislation shortly after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School that left 20 first-graders and six educators dead. Police said the 20-year-old gunman used a semi-automatic rifle and 30-round magazines.

The article claims that there will be no new AR-15 sales in the state of New York, and that they must all be registered with the state by April 15. Experts (and past experience) suggests that more than 90-percent of gun owners that should register according to this draconian law will ignore and become criminals for merely exercising their Second Amendment rights.

Why New Yorkers tolerated this tyrannical abuse at the hands of the liberty-hating New York Democratic Party, Michael Bloomberg, and Andrew Cuomo is something I will never understand.