Citizen control advocate has a fit as Brownells facility opens near liberal arts college

Progressive citizen control cultists hate both capitalism and guns, so the opening of a Brownells distribution and retail location near a liberal arts college dedicated to social(ist) justice is giving one Iowa gun hater an absolute fit:


With demand for gun products booming, Brownells Inc. is building a large distribution and retail center along Interstate 80 in Grinnell. The central Iowa city of 9,100 is home to Grinnell College, a selective liberal arts institution proud of its commitment to social justice.

Critics have attacked the company for profiting from accessories for military-style weapons, but the city and college are rolling out the welcome mat. It’s an example of how left-leaning politics and gun rights can coexist cheerfully, particularly when economic benefit enters the equation.

“I think it is going to be fantastic for the community,” said Juli Sanford, owner of Juli’s Natural Foods, which sells organic food and supplements a block from the college. She said the project will bring jobs, income and visitors to Grinnell, located about 55 miles east of Des Moines.

But the development is galling to gun-control advocates, who have watched cities and states continue to compete for firearms-related businesses despite mass shootings they hoped would bring more criticism for the industry.

“Grinnell has been synonymous with high-quality education, with creative and even brilliant contributions to education,” said Cheryl Thomas, a spokeswoman for Iowans for Gun Safety. “This is not a fit.”

Its funny how so many “socialists of convenience” can suddenly change perspective once they find out they stand to turn a profit from gun industry capitalism. Then again, most American socialists have never actually experienced wholesale socialism in practice, so that isn’t terribly surprising.
In this instance, I have to give Cheryl Thomas of Iowans for Criminal Gun Violence Gun Safety the tiniest bit of credit for at least being consistent in her hatred of the Second Amendment, even as her fellow travelers salivate over the prospect of trading in their social justice “street cred” in for filthy lucre.

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