The R51: Remington's new concealed carry pistol

Writing at The Firearm Blog, Phil White gives us a good first look at the Remington R51, a 7+1 9mm semi-automatic pistol designed from the ground up for the concealed carry market. It is loosely based upon the original Remington 51 from the early part of the last century using John Pedersen’s action, but is a new design.


The most eye-popping feature of the gun is the $389 MSRP. Even if the street price is 100% of MSRP, it puts the pistol squarely in competition with the Beretta Nano, Kahr CW9Ruger LC9, and similar pistols aimed at the <$400 price point in the compact single-stack concealed carry market. 

If the quality is high and the street price is much lower—say, in the $325-$350 range—the R51 could undercut this market segment and drive down prices for these other guns, if there is a margin to cut.

Make sure you read the full review if the pistol interests you… it certainly has my curiosity piqued.

Correction: The correct spelling of the name of the designer of the original R51 was Pendersen, not Penderson.