Colorado gun-grabbers look to ban concealed carry on college campuses

Yes, studies have shown that the presence of concealed weapons lowers the risk of violent crime, but Safe Campus Colorado apparently prefers students to be defenseless targets for robbers and rapists:

One year after some of the most contentious gun control debate in the nation, and new laws that resulted in the recall of two state senators, Colorado voters will likely be revisiting the gun control debate again this fall.

A gun control group called Safe Campus Colorado is seeking to put an initiative on the November 2014 ballot banning concealed carry on-campus much like a law that already restricts concealed carry at K-12 schools in the state.

Although many gun control measures passed last year, one that didn’t was a ban on concealed carry on college campuses.

“I want the opportunity to fight back,” said Katherine Whitney, a third year law student at CU Boulder who carries a concealed handgun and opposes the proposed ballot initiative. “We don’t carry because we expect anything to happen. It’s just that, if something does happen, we want to be prepared.”

Whitney has never been a victim of violence, but she has a close friend who was raped on a college campus in Nevada where concealed weapons are banned.

“Amanda was raped at gunpoint by someone who illegally possessed a firearm on a college campus,” she said. “The gun ban did not keep him away. The man came up, pressed a pistol to her head and proceeded to brutally rape her. (He) didn’t care about the campus gun ban.”

Safe Campus Colorado is helmed by an anti-liberty Democrat named Ken Toltz, a man who is such a good judge of character that he campaigned for Gary Hart, the adulterous politician who got caught philandering during his presidential run, after daring the media to catch him in the act.

Toltz has two college-age daughters that he doesn’t apparently feel are worth defending. He’d leave them without any options for self-defense, other than peeing or vomiting on attackers.

What a dad!