No love for Tac-Con's "faux auto" trigger

Tactical Fire Control makes a great commercial…

…I’m a bit less enthusiastic about their actual 3MR trigger system, now that I had a chance to fire it on SHOT Show’s Media Day at the Range.


I had a chance to look at how the trigger was designed and think it is a clever and well-manufactured attempt at mimicking something approaching fully automatic fire, but the simple fact of the matter is that I couldn’t get it to work. I sent two magazines worth of ammunition downrange before deciding that I was just wasting ammunition due to my shooting mechanics, which I was unwilling to compromise to get the 3MR to work.

I’ve been taught and feel comfortable with having the stock of any long gun I’m firing firmly pressed into “the pocket” where my shoulder and upper torso meet. It’s a key point of contact, and solid mechanics are, in my experience, a must in delivering accurate repeated fire to a target beyond very close range.

The only way I could see the 3MR trigger working consistently is by giving up on this technique, and having the stock rest lightly in the pocket, so that the recoil of the rifle effectively bump-fired the trigger.


I’m not willing to give up a solid technique that delivered consistent aimed fire and positive tactile feedback just to throw a larger amount of ammunition downrange in the direction of the target (in fact, I don’t shoot legitimate full-auto very often even when I have the chance for that very reason).

I think the average AR-15 shooter would be a lot better off in investing in a much less expensive better-than-factory semi-auto trigger (I have some serious love for the Geissele SSA) and learning the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship.

The Tac-Con is an interesting solution to an engineering problem, but simply not something I’m willing to compromised my basic rifle shooting technique over.

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