Illinois Concealed Carry Database is apparently as secure as Obamacare

Don’t worry, folks, it’s just an isolated incident:

The Illinois State Police Department is investigating a computer glitch that’s putting some concealed carry applicant information in the wrong hands. When some applicants log in to the website, they’re finding another person’s photo, address, and phone number, along with other personal information. A Tazewell County man is dealing with this firsthand.

Dustin Holzwarth explained. “When I logged in to the concealed carry permit with my ID and my user and password it said “Welcome Dustin Holzwarth” and my identity was not mine.”

Instead of his information, Dustin sees a 62-year-old man from Shipman, Ill. He said, “”It was basically all of their pertinent information minus the credit card number they paid for it with.”


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