ABC News is recycling failed anti-gun propaganda from 1999 this Friday, but they do make one good point

ABC News is promising a “new” kids and guns propaganda special starring Dianne Sawyer, airing on January 31.

The episode appears to be little more than an expanded and rehashed segment from ABC News’s  20/20 from May 31, 1999:


The goal is try to scare parents into giving up their firearms, and to browbeat their neighbors in the perverse “see something, say something” Big Brother culture our socialist elites seem to be pushing so hard these days. This propaganda isn’t shocking at all considering the very close, indeed familial ties between the rabidly anti-gun Obama Administration and ABC News.

As for the issue of “kids and guns,” it’s quite a simple matter to resolve, and requires no fear-mongering at all.

Lock up your guns when they are not being used and are not under your immediate control.

Does it get any more simple than that?

The human animal, at every age, is attracted to forbidden fruit. Children in particular have a very difficult time with impulse control. As a result, children who “know better than to touch a gun” because they have been told so sternly by their parents very often will find and touch them, often with tragic results if those guns are loaded.

There is no excuse not to have arms locked away at all times if not under the immediate control of a responsible party. Guns that are left out or even hidden are easily found by children. One of our favorite Youtubers recently found out that “hidden” guns are easily discovered and taken by criminals as well.


In this day and age, there are a dizzying array of of gun cabinets, lock boxes, and safes to choose from.There are models that lock with keys, combinations, biometrics, and simple keypads to allow immediate access in the event that you need them.

If you are trusting that a “talking to” with your children is sufficient to dissuade them from touching your guns in an authorized manner, you are setting them up for a catastrophic end. It’s frankly stupid to take such a risk when a cabinet or safe can be had for far less than the cost of most modern guns, and sometimes for little more than the cost of a couple of boxes of premium ammunition.

You have a right to bear arms. Don’t forget that you also have a moral obligation to use and store them responsibly.

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