BOO-HOO: Gun-grabbing Iowa Democrats are outraged that group is giving away an AR-15

Iowa Democrats pushing a trio of gun control measures are bent out of shape that a gun shop supporting Iowa gun Owners is giving away a standard AR-15 carbine in protest of their proposals.


An email from the group Iowa Gun Owners — which promotes itself as Iowa’s only “no compromise gun rights organization” — sent to supporters says that giving away the semiautomatic assault rifle is intended “to help us grow the grassroots army needed to fight back against the gun grabbers.”

Several Democratic Iowa lawmakers who support gun control efforts called the promotion irresponsible. They say their intent is to make changes in Iowa’s laws so that criminal history background checks are required for those who purchase firearms and to identify individuals with mental health issues who might harm themselves or others.

It’s cute to see how the propagandist reporter, Jason Clayworth, calls the most popular rifle sold in America an “assault rifle” repeatedly, ties it only to mass shootings (which he regurgitates in two separate parts of the article) when it is most commonly used in plinking, self defense, and many kinds of sanctioned competitions. Clayworth makes his bias clear by approvingly citing citizen disarmament extremist Ladd Everitt, the communications director for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, who routinely refers to Americans that believe in the Second Amendment as written as “insurrectionists.”


The giveaway will be conducted via a federal firearms licensee (FFL), and a required NICS background check for the giveaway winner will be conducted.

In short, there is nothing remotely “irresponsible” about the giveaway, Iowa’s citizen-control-obsessed Democrat Party simply can’t stand the thought of law-abiding citizens being arms.

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