More criticism of ABC's "Young Guns" anti-gun propaganda

We’ve already hammered ABC News for using skewed data to suggest elementary school children were dying in masses due to guns left laying around by irresponsible adults, when in reality, about 80% of gun deaths of “children” are from 17-19 year-olds in gangs involved in the drug trade.

But it was actually worse than that; ABC News stacked the deck in their reporting by seeding a classroom with firearms, and when an older child stopped their propaganda efforts, they simply removed him from the equation:

In one of the few instances in which the boys didn’t play with the gun, an older boy acted as the voice of reason and warned them not to touch the firearm. Perhaps not satisfied with the results, ABC producers decided to remove the 10-year-old from the classroom – clearly setting the younger boys up for failure. Sure enough, as soon as the older boy left, the two younger boys grabbed the gun and played with it. ABC used these instances to scare parents and try to prove firearms in the home are merely death wishes.

Dana Loesch notes that ABC wasn’t reporting the news, but manufacturing fear:

The most recent CDC data shows that gun deaths among actual children (not late-teen criminals in gangs) is on a marked decline, which is part of a long-term trend going back to the 1960s.

When I called out ABC News producer Glenn Ruppel for the intentional deception in the network’s propaganda effort, he had very little to say in response.

One has to wonder how “morally superior” the cause of gun control is if the only way they can tell the story they want to tell is by fabrication of the news, instead of reporting it.