MAIG tries to sweep Philip Seymour Hoffman under the rug

As we noted yesterday, recently deceased heroin addict and actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was a raging hypocrite.

On one hand, he narrated an anti-gun cartoon for Mayors Against Illegal Guns while he was apparently spending thousands of dollars at a time to support the use of illegal guns and all the other crimes committed by local criminal gangs, narco-terrorist cartels, and more than likely, the Taliban itself (87-percent of heroin comes from Afghanistan).

In a bizarre turn of events, David Codrea called Hoffman out on his hypocrisy just as news of his death was revealed.

Codrea wrote about this shocking development, and went on to note that the while we generally don’t like to speak ill of the dead, Hoffman is just one representative of an anti-gun fringe movement that preaches the disarmament of the law-abiding while at the same time providing direct financial support to the most bloodthirsty of criminals:

…that was the crux of my article and why I’d written it in the first place–to illustrate the utter hypocrisy of calling for citizen disarmament and at the same time providing funding to the violent criminal underworld — the very people in so many cases, particularly in urban neighborhoods — who are committing all that “gun violence.”

The thing is, Hoffman let it affect the rest of us, because he gave money to some of the most violent criminals plaguing us. I won’t get into a circular logic argument here about what things would be like IF the state hadn’t interfered by making drugs “illegal,” because what we’re dealing with now is how things ARE, not how some might wish them to be. The fact is, if you give money to the gangs and cartels, you are enabling their ability to hurt and kill others, which they do with regularity. And finding the guy had something like 70 bags of junk in his apartment, and had most likely been using it at the same time he was doing “gun control” voice-overs for Bloomberg cartoons, indicates he was giving substantial aid and comfort to some very evil, dangerous and violent people. That makes it our business, particularly with his insistence that the state make the rest of us more vulnerable to his supplier’s gangland associates.

And then to see the cavalier way Bloomberg’s youthful ward Mark Glaze memorialized Hoffman as “a friend to our movement,” with no acknowledgment, let alone condemnation of how the man’s actions worked  directly against everything MAIG pretends it stands for, and to see the way the “Authorized Journalists” are keeping a lid on informing the public of Hoffman’s connection with that group, and how the loathsome hypocrites of Hollywood are lauding the guy into martyrdom, and that’s enough.

MAIG, Moms Demand Action, and other citizen disarmament groups love the cachet of celebrity support. It makes them feel relevant and legitimate, even though they have very limited fiscal and social support on a grassroots level (which is why gun control groups have a history of merging and the fading away).

They’re quick to hide those relationship, however when a member of MAIG gets arrested (again), or sent to prison (again), or any of their celebrity gun control supporters gets arrested or is found dead of an overdose…


Gun control supporters would strip away your rights because it makes them feel better about the shortcomings in their lives. They are not good people, and they are not good Americans.