Idaho moves a step closer to campus carry

Case in point.

Idaho’s Senate has advanced a campus concealed carry bill out of committee, and it now goes to the full Senate for a vote.

Gun owners are a step closer to being able to pack concealed weapons on Idaho college campuses, a move Second Amendment advocates say will boost personal safety and allow people to exercise their constitutional rights.

The Senate State Affairs Committee voted 7-2 in to move it forward Wednesday, over objections from leaders of Idaho’s colleges and universities. It now goes to a full Senate vote.

The party-line vote with Republicans in favor advances a measure that allows retired law enforcement and enhanced concealed-carry permit holders to bring firearms to class. Guns would still be banned from dorms and other campus housing, as well as concert halls and stadiums.

States that currently allow campus-carry are Colorado, Kansas, Mississippi, Oregon, Wisconsin and Utah. Most, including Idaho, leave it up to schools to decide.

Boise State University psychology professor Kimberly McAdams was among those who back changing that, describing her terror when a former student threatened to kill her last month. McAdams said bringing a gun to class would give her a “fighting chance” to save her own life — and protect her students in a crisis.


The bill is likely to pass both the Senate and the House.

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