The Mayor and Mommy cult continue to mislead the public about gun violence in schools


Public relations executive Shannon R. Watts of Moms Demand Action and her sugar daddy Michael Bloomberg are continuing to hurl falsehoods about firearms from behind his phalanx of armed bodyguards. Unfortunately for them, their deceptive comments are being noticed by actual experts.


One of those experts is James Alan Fox, a Northeastern University criminologist and author of Violence and Security in Schools: From Preschool through College. He read the citizen control cult’s recent propaganda  asserting that their has been a rise in school shootings.

He was not amused:

What I find so disturbing about the moms and mayors report is not just the tallies of homicides, suicides and other shootings in schools, but the complete lack of any context for interpreting these figures.

As it happens, the numbers assembled by the moms and mayors are not out-of-line with historical patterns, and, in fact, are lower than two decades ago when gang violence was especially problematic at school settings. And, as added perspective, consider that there are more than 50 million school children in America, making the risk of fatality well below one in two million. By comparison, many times more youngsters are killed annually in bicycle accidents. I would trust the moms, if not the mayors, would support a national helmet law as quickly as a gun restriction.

Without a doubt, each gun-related student or teacher fatality is tragic in and of itself, but children are far more at risk outside of school than at school.


The goal of the Mayors and Mommy cult is the complete repeal of the Second Amendment, and they are will to lie, cheat, and manipulate even their own supporters to accomplish that goal. Mayors Against Guns is hemorrhaging membership due to Bloomberg’s deception about what the group represents. The downfall of Moms Demand Action will be even more rapid once their members discover how they’ve been used.

You can fool some of the people some of the time, Mr. Bloomberg and Mrs. Watts. Eventually, however they all wise up.

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