NY Daily News lamely tries to cover for Cuomo on Remington's "Escape from New York"

Bless his heart. 

Kenneth Lovett of the New York Daily News is doing his best to give Andrew Cuomo some cover for losing 2,000 jobs to Alabama, but his apologetics simply comes across as weak and uninspired:


The state’s oldest gunmaker announced Monday it will build a factory in Albama employing 2,000 people — raising fears the company eventually will leave New York.

Some Republicans blamed Gov. Cuomo and the tough anti-gun law he pushed through the legislature for the decision by Remington Arms to look outside New York to locate its new plant.

Cuomo aides and elected officials in the central New York town of Ilion, where Remington employs 1,300 people, said they have been assured the gunmaker is not moving any jobs out of state.

Every single one of the 2,000 jobs now going to Alabama was New York’s to lose.

Every. Single. One.

The managed to loose all of those jobs because Governor Andrew Cuomo is a petty tyrant who ran roughshod over the Constitutional rights of New Yorkers with a vicious “my way or the highway” attitude that has sent employers and citizens alike flocking to much more friendly southern climes where taxes are lower, dollars stretch further, and the general quality of life is simply “better.”

And that was even before New York’s anti-gun Democrats rammed through the blatantly unconstitutional NY SAFE Act.

Do you doubt that Cuomo’s attitude—and to be fair, the attitude of downstate limousine liberals in general—was a prime factor in Remington’s decision to expand in the south? You need go no further than the not-so-subtle comment made by Remington President and CEO George Kollitides as he confirmed the company’s desire for southern hospitality:

Remington Arms Co. Chairman and CEO George Kollitides said today that Alabama’s state motto — “We Dare Defend Our Rights” — “says it all,” as he confirmed that the company will bring 2,000 jobs to Huntsville, Ala.

According to syracuse.com’s sister websiteAL.com, Kollitides said at a press conference in Huntsville that selecting a site for the new plant was not easy.

“We undertook a very rigorous process,” he said, citing workforce, quality of life, economic climate, the building that will house the plant — and Alabama’s support for gun rights. He praised the existing Remington workforce but said it cannot keep up with demand for the company’s products.

Remington employs more than 1,300 people in the Herkimer County village of Ilion in Upstate New York, where it has been making firearms since 1816. But the company has made it known its displeasure at New York’s Safe Act, which restricts the sale, though not the manufacture, of assault weapons in New York.


As long as Cuomo is in office, Illion—and indeed, all of New York—will continue to experience the decline of industry, the flight of productive citizens, and dwindling influence.

But hey… at least New Yorker’s you won’t have to deal with, “extreme conservatives” who are pro-assault-weapon.”

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