VIDEO: Despite Restraining Order, ATF Raids Ares Armor

Monderno is reporting that that ATF has raided all Ares Armor locations, despite the temporary retraining order issues against the rogue government agency by a judge.


These are the last three images posted to the Instagram page of Jeremy Tuma, the Chief Operating Officer of Areas Armor.




There is a YouTube video that purports to be from the raid of the National City Ares Armor location.

There is little doubt that the ATF will copy all computer hard drives and copy any paper documentation found at these locations, and use this information to build a list of those customers who have purchased 80% lowers receivers. Considering ATF’s long history of criminality, it is also just as likely that this information will be used as a de facto gun registry.

The rule of law? It doesn’t apparently matter any more.

Update: The judge was apparently convinced to “modify” her restraining order.

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