North Carolina Man Attacked By Rogue Shotgun

The shotgun must not have liked this guy’s friend, at all:

A 22-year-old is recovering in the hospital this morning after police say a bullet grazed his head when another man’s shotgun misfired inside a Wilmington home.

Just before 11 p.m. police say the two men, who they say knew each other, were inside the home at 1201 Chestnut Street when it happened. Officers say one of the men was holding a shotgun, which he told police he keeps on him for protection.

That’s when police say the man’s shotgun chamber malfunctioned, firing a shot at the other man. They say the bullet from the gun’s misfire grazed the man’s acquaintance in the side of the head. Police say the 22-year-old victim was then taken to the hospital for the gunshot wound, and is recovering there this morning.


Bovine excrement.

The “shotgun chamber” didn’t malfunction. A shotgun’s chamber is an inanimate part of the barrel without moving parts. It can no more malfunction that a stop sign can malfunction.

This idiot put his booger-hook on the bang switch of a loaded weapon with the safety off, and it was only through dumb luck that the barrel wasn’t pointed directly at the 22-year-old’s head when he squeezed the trigger.

This was a negligent discharge, and the shooter is lucky that the police are letting him off on a minor charge of discharging a firearm within city limits.

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