Federal Investigators, Anonymous Target APD Over Foothills Shooting Of Homeless Man

The video of James Boyd being shot as he seemed to turn away from Albuquerque Police officers quickly went viral, and has drawn the attention of both the federal government, and the hacker group, Anonymous.


First, news on the federal investigation:

The March 16 fatal shooting by two Albuquerque Police officers of a mentally ill homeless camper in the city’s foothills is now the subject of a federal criminal investigation, according to several people briefed by U.S. Justice Department officials Wednesday afternoon.

Albuquerque community groups had asked for a meeting with Department of Justice officials as part of the DOJ’s ongoing probe of Albuquerque’s troubled police department. After the meeting, many of the participants spoke about what happened.

The biggest announcement to come from Wednesday’s meeting was that the shooting of James Boyd in the foothills has been added to the list of cases being reviewed by the DOJ’s criminal division.

Anonymous has also targeted the APD, and is apparently plotting to overwhelming their computer systems.

Greetings city of Albuquerque, we are Anonymous. Recently, a video has been released to the public which shows Albuquerque Police Officers murdering a man in cold blood for ‘illegally camping’. This man, which was schizophrenic, obviously had no intention of hurting these police officers, on the contrary, this man looks as if he is simply attempting to protect himself from visually fierce militarized thugs. Whether this man had a history of crime is irrelevant. We drastically need to address the growing police state that has occupied our country. When will we say no more? How many more citizens will be murdered? Naturally, the APD will attempt to label Anonymous as a terrorist organization for our demands of justice, but the question has to be asked. Who do we terrorize? Is it not a growing police state that terrorizes it’s own citizens?

APD you now have the full attention of Anonymous. To the citizens of Albuquerque, it’s time to organize. On March 30th we are asking the citizens of Albuquerque to occupy the APD HQ and occupy the sites of the Albuquerque Police Department. Let them know that your city is not a place for war games against the homeless and the less fortunate. Anonymous grab your cannons and aim them at Albuquerque police websites.
DATE/Time: March 30th 3am UTC/GMT
TARGETS: http://www.cabq.gov/police/http://www.apdonline.com/index_flash….
DOWNLOAD: http://sourceforge.net/projects/loic/
Know that this will not stand. APD, you should have expected us.


Albuquerque Police Department officers have shot 36 men since 2010, killing 23 of them, including a man shot and killed Tuesday night.

That incident is beginning to look like a suicide-by-cop.

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