Moms Demand Action Leader Smears Veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Injuries


Shannon Watts, the public relations executive that founded and runs Moms Demand Action as a campaign of Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG), has long been known as a fact-deprived gun prohibitionist. Sadly, the tragic shootings at Fort Hood this week, committed by a soldier angry that he was told to come back the next day for paperwork to go on leave, shows that she is viciously deceptive hater of military veterans as well.

Heavily armed civilian police officers (not soldiers) guarding the East Rancier Gate At Fort Hood, April 3, 2014.  Photo by Jay Janner/Austin American-Statesman
Heavily armed civilian police officers (not soldiers) guarding the East Rancier Gate At Fort Hood, April 3, 2014. Photo by Jay Janner/Austin American-Statesman

It is well known that military bases are essentially “gun free zones,” and have been for decades:

Some (including Fox News)  are attempting to blame President Bill Clinton for instituting a ban on military personal being armed while on duty. This is factually incorrect. Others are attempting to place the blame on George H.W. Bush’s administration, pointing to Department of Defense Directive 5210.56 (PDF), which was signed early in the last year of his presidency. Even that is incorrect, as the 1992 directive was simply an update to the original 5210.56 issued in 1969 under the Nixon administration. We have been unable to determine how long similar policies have been in effect, but bans on military personnel carrying weapons on base while on duty are at least 45 years old.

Outside of active training scenarios on firing ranges, the only servicemen allowed to have any firearms are those serving as military policemen or in certain very rare and specialized roles. Concealed firearms are illegal on military bases, and any soldier living on base must have their firearms registered with the base and stored in the armory.

Despite knowing these facts, Watts decided to promote a deceptive cartoon that she knows to be a lie.


How dishonest are you willing to be to score political “points,” Shannon?

Likewise, it was known on the night of the shooting (April 2) that Ivan Lopez was a soldier that never saw combat. He served one four-month deployment to Iraq, and was never under fire. He was never wounded, and had not received a Purple Heart. He was being treated for anxiety and depression, neither of which were related to combat.

Nonetheless, Watts decided to smear every servicemen who actually saw the horrors of war and suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Injuries, as part of an apparent anti-gun “long game” of smearing combat wounded veterans in order to disarm them.

She’s pushed this smear twice… and she’s probably not done.

First, Watts, posted this claim two days after it was known that Lopez was never diagnosed with PTS and had never seem combat.

She then chose to re-tweet an (ignorant) tweet from the day of the attack from Franks Luntz, two days after it was know to be false.

Luntz has a much more recent tweet that we’re quite sure the service-smearing Watts won’t be repeating, as it undermines her narrative.


Shannon Watts is well-known as someone who has never let her abject ignorance get in the way of her prohibitionist political objectives. She goes too far, however, in smearing servicemen as crazed killers, a smear contrived by the political left decades ago, that simply isn’t true.

J.R. Salzman, a world-class athlete, author, IED survivor with post-traumatic stress injuries, does a good job of describing what PTS really is… and it isn’t violent aggression.

Shannon Watts, you and your rabid anti-gun cult owe every servicemen an apology. They put their bodies and their minds on the line to protect this Republic. The very least you can do is stop portraying them as psychopathic killers because of the injuries they’ve suffered in your defense.

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