Clark County Official: Bundy Ranch Supporters "Better Have Funeral Plans"

As Oath Keepers, scattered militiamen from around the nation, and politicians trickle into Clark County, Nevada to the embattled ranch of Cliven Bundy, a Clark County commissioner warned that those coming to support the family better be prepared to die there.

Darin Bushman, a Piute County, Utah, commissioner, called Collins about the Bureau of Land Management roundup of Bundy’s cattle in the Gold Butte area, about 80 miles east of Las Vegas. The cattle are being seized after Bundy failed to pay grazing fees over 20 years. When the conversation ended, Bushman posted on Facebook that Collins said Utahns are “inbred bastards” and if they come to Clark County to support Bundy they “better have funeral plans.”

Collins also told Bushman that they should mind their “own (expletive) business.”

When asked if he had any regrets about what he told the county commissioner from Utah, Collins said: “I’ve got no regrets about what I said to that son of a bitch.”

Collins is known for his gun and his temper. In 2012, he was arrest for shooting a tree that made him mad and eventually pleaded no contest.

Why is it that the people who want to disarm others are invariably those who don’t have the temperament to be trusted with firearms themselves?

Oath Keepers and other groups are working with the Bundy family to hold peaceful protests. On their Facebook page, Oaht Keepers have been told to avoid wearing camouflage and to leave their rifles, and to instead bring cameras to document any BLM/FBI abuses.

To date,  all violence that has occurred at the ranch and all calls for violence seems to have come from government-aligned forces.

Photo Credit: Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins (Chase Stevens/Las Vegas Review-Journal File)